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We've got your back


If you carry life's burdens on your back, give it and yourself relief with a five-star treatment from Backmax.


Top massage therapists helped design Backmax to provide the ultimate experience in luxurious hydrotherapy. Strategically positioned pulsating and rotating massage jets knead away tension with intense cascading water streams that commence on your upper shoulders and glide down to your lower back.

  • Collection

Most Hydromax systems come with backjets for enhanced whirlpool action. Conceived in collaboration with top massage therapists, Backmax consists of a myriad of balanced, pulsating and rotating massage jets strategically positioned in the tub’s backrest.


The system provides an intense cascading massage from upper shoulders to lower back. Pioneered by MAAX, Backmax gives your back the star treatment. You won’t find a better ally to swirl away tension in your back muscles and provide a complete luxurious hydrotherapy experience.

  • Everyday

Release the stress and strain your back accumulates during the day with Backmax. Optional with the Hydrosens & Combined systems, Backmax will compliment your therapy with its rotating and pulsating jets strategically positioned to massage your back.