Spa therapies at home

Simple spa solutions
for the complicated life


The modern world overwhelms the senses. It's a constant buzzing, clicking, eye-straining rush hour.


MAAX wants you to reimage life with simple pleasures. A healing touch. Clarifying colors. Soothing aromas. Peaceful quiet.


Ease into happiness and health

You receive the benefits of a wellness coach, a massage therapist and relaxation expert every time you indulge in MAAX's spa therapy solutions. We apply today's innovative technologies to the principles of total well-being developed over the centuries, resulting in worries and stress melting away by the minute.


Hydrotherapy heals and revitalizes

Our advanced hydrotherapy systems master the proven healing, purifying and soothing powers of water. They restore your physical and mental balance, improve blood flow and cardiovascular function and stimulate the nervous system to alleviate fatigue and tension.


Hydrotherapy acts as a lubricant that keeps a human machine, fueled by a healthy diet and regular exercise. MAAX spa therapies tune you up by tuning out today's hustle and bustle so you can turn on to living once again.