New - ModulR Shower Doors


Alcove shower shown


 Système Haloen gros plan

Lotus glass protection

ModulR products  8mm tempered clear glass is enhanced with the Lotus glass protection. This protection increases resistance to wear & tear and has a non-stick surface that repels soap and water stains providing optimal glass transparency and care-free maintenance.


* The Lotus glass protection is only offered on ModulR pivot doors.








 Système Haloen gros plan

Pivot door gradual closing

The ModulR pivot door is designed with a sleek and trendy pivot with a gradual closing to ensure a watertight closure. 











 Système Haloen gros plan

Sliding door specially designed for the Angular combo

The Halo Angular door is designed specifically to fit on the ModulR Angular combo, one of the many configurations of showers and bathtubs offered under the ModulR product line












 Système Haloen gros plan

Add a touch of sophistication  with the designer handle

Sold separately, this longer grip shower door handle offers style and functionality, as it can also be used as a towel hook.


 * The designer handle is offered as an option on the ModulR pivot doors only.

ModulR Shower Doors


The forgiving doors with infinite possibilities

Configurable in many ways and available in a wide variety of dimensions, the ModulR pivot shower doors allow you to create a unique and custom decor that will suit any bathroom layout.  Position your ModulR shower against multiple walls or half-walls - the possibilities are endless!


With multiples adjustement options, the ModulR doors are so adaptable that they can be used as easily in a new urban construction as a remodeling project. 


Discover the ModulR product line and combine your  shower with a bathtub to create a ModulR combo.




    No need to worry which door opening you need. The ModulR pivot doors are reversible to allow a right or left door opening.


    The magnetic door closure and the multiple adjustment options ensure a watertightness for a complete peace of mind.


    The ModulR shower doors are available in chrome and brushed nickel to fit any bathroom design.