Rubix bathtub - New Product

Alcove Rubix Bathtub


Long on space, simplicity and comfort. The acrylic RUBIX lightweight durability without sacrificing comfort or vital bathroom space.



Alcove Rubix Aerial View

The clean lines of its cubic shape quickly draw your eye into the extra-long bathing well, coupled with a generous 32-inch width, bathers have plenty of room to stretch their legs will recline in the tub’s built-in 70-degree lumbar support.


Homeowners desiring the ultimate spacious bathtub experience and builders seeking a simple yet stylish tub for multi-unit projects will be equally entranced by the RUBIX bathtub – the latest addition to the MAAX innovative bath product solutions.



    Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR)

    3” AFR – leaves enough space to pipe directly under the tub to the floor drain to help you avoid breaking ground, deadlines or a sweat.

    Integrated flat apron & tiling flange

    On three sides facilitates a quick and simple installation with no need to worry about leakage or water infiltration.

    Long on space, simplicity and comfort

    Clean lines, extra-long bathing well created by keeping front and rear decking to a minimum, 32” width, and 70-degree lumbar support.