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Pivot Hinge Door

The Olympia Pentangle contains a lifting door system in order to ensure a smooth and precise opening and close every time. As you open the door, you’ll notice that the hinge raises and lifts the door slightly in order to properly clear its base. Upon closing the door, the hinge lowers in order to provide a clean look when closed as well as to ensure no water infiltration.






S-Mounting Clips

The Olympia’s S-mounting clips, found at the base, connects the shower door to the base in order to make installation simple and easy. Put simply, this translates to “Silicone-Free”!




Olympia Pentangle


Patented design leads to more space with a modern look


The Olympia Pentangle shower kit, designed with a pentangle shaped base, provides more than 10% additional space (when compared to a standard neo-angle 36’’ x 36’’ base) in order to ensure the comfort required.


In keeping with the current trends and modern showers, the Olympia shower kits provide low threshold bases (3”) to ensure a safe easy-in and out access as well as a premium 8mm glass door with an elegant handle that will translate its quality craftsmanship as .


In addition to its elegance, the Olympia shower kits can be paired well with either its optional wall set that includes wide shelves designed to hold all your essentials or paired with a tile application and the optional corner storage unit to finalize a look you want with the convenience you require.