Lounge bathtub - New Product




Design and customize your bathroom by splashing a touch of color. The new freestanding bathtub Lounge is available in 4 apron colors: White, Aqua, Platinum Grey, and Ruby. These colorful aprons will allow you to customize and accentuate every element of your bathroom.







The final touch – choose your faucet installation

When it comes to faucet installation, the freestanding bathtub Lounge provides a deck within its stylish shape for you to select among hundreds of faucets in all price points and select styles. Whether you decide to select and install your chosen faucet directly to the deck of the bathtub or floor-mount your faucet, this final touch will compliment your bathroom with a clean and unique look.












Modern Creativity

The Lounge freestanding bathtub provides a modern rectangular look as its thin wall design and end drain positioning provides for a spacious bathing. The square design kept your comfort in mind as the subtle and integrated curves were placed in the right place along with a rounded backrest and headrest in order for you to enjoy your down time and relax in style.


A variety of apron colors (White, Aqua, Platinum Grey, and Ruby) are available to enhance your creativity and transform your bathroom to suit your needs and desires.