Exhibit bathtub - New Product

Exhibit Bathtub by MAAX




Three Configurations, Multiple Dimensions

Depending on your bathroom layout, the Exhibit bathtub comes in three different configurations to fit any project requirements. Choose between the drop-in, alcove with integrated flanges (IF), and alcove with integrated flanges and skirt (IFS) models.   








Interior Type


The spacious bathing well, textured floor, and discreet,   combine comfort with minimalist appeal.

Exhibit Bathtub

Elegance and comfort in any size


With its clean lines and minimalist appeal, the Exhibit bathtub provides a unique and versatile design for any bathroom remodeling project or new construction.
Discover our drop-in and alcove (IF and IFS) configurations, available in an extensive range of dimensions to accommodate most layouts.


Available dimensions:

60″ x 30″ (IFS only)

60″ x 32″

60″ x 36″ - NEW

60″ x 42″ - NEW

66″ x 32″ (IF and IFS only) - NEW

66″ x 34″ (drop-in only) - NEW

66″ x 36″ - NEW

72″ x 32″ (IF and IFS only) - NEW

72″ x 34″ (drop-in only) - NEW

72″ x 36″ - NEW

72″ x 42″ - NEW



    Integrated Tiling Flanges and Apron
    The integrated tiling flanges on the Exhibit IF and IFS units make installation quick and easy, with no need to worry about leakage or water infiltration.

    Improved Skirt Design
    The Exhibit IFS model features a new skirt design that makes tiling much easier.  

    Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR) 

    AFR and non-AFR models are available for the Exhibit IFS bathtub. The AFR (3 in.) model leaves enough space to pipe directly under the tub to the floor drain to help you avoid breaking ground, deadlines, and a sweat.