Questions About Employment

Questions about employment

  • How often do you update job openings on your website?
    • We update our Job Openings page every 10 days. It is possible that once a position becomes available, the position may be posted immediately. We suggest you check our job postings frequently for new opportunities.

  • Do you hire summer students, interns or part-time employees?
    • MAAX offers opportunities for summer students, interns and part-time employees at many of its locations and in several job functions. Internships are generally open to all people, regardless of current educational status, and we encourage people of all backgrounds to apply for these openings. For more information on MAAX internships, we recommend that you contact our Human Resources team.

  • How should I dress for my interview?
    • We believe a comfortable work environment helps foster the creativity necessary for our company's success. We recommend business casual; a clean and neat look that is professional but not overly formal.

  • I submitted my CV. Do you keep these on file in case a suitable position opens with MAAX later?
    • All job applications and CVs we receive are placed in our talent bank. This talent bank is maintained and referred to as job openings occur. We store an individual's information for up to one year.

  • How do I find out about job opportunities at MAAX across North America?
    • The best place to start is the Job Openings page on this website. We also post specific openings, such as internships, on the career websites of universities we have working relationships with or in proximity to the available job. For jobs requiring certain expertise, such as a scientific or technical background, we post these job openings on appropriate online recruiting websites in addition to this website.