The Hiring Process

Your Career with Maax can start with three simple steps

STEP 1: Apply

Find your dream job with MAAX, then apply online or, if applicable, by mail or fax. Applications should include:

  • your CV (or resume)
  • the specific listing or type of the job you're applying for
  • brief information about yourself and interest in the position

We promptly acknowledge receipt of all applications by email (for online applications) or postcard (mailed or faxed applications). Unfortunately, we can't accept or return telephone inquiries because of the high volume of applications.

STEP 2: Assess

Our in-house Human Resources team will review your application for educational, work and skill compatibility with the position you seek. If we think you’re a good match, we'll call to get to know more about you and your interest in joining the MAAX family.

(Even if the job you applied for is not a perfect fit for you, we'll save your information in our talent database for up to one year. When the right opportunity arises, we'll know just who to call.)

Top candidates will be asked to meet with one or more members of the MAAX family for interviews. This is the time for us to get to know you, and you to get to know us. We invite your questions.

Then, it's decision time for us. Whatever we decide, we notify all interviewed candidates.

STEP 3: Welcome aboard

If you are offered and accept employment with us - congratulations! You will receive additional information to prepare you to embark on a great journey with MAAX.